Welcome to the website of Kergon Decorations, where I am pleased to be able to show people the large variety and assortments of finishes that can be created with Paint and a good imagination.

Within our range of work I have included sections of Quality Heritage Restoration, Artwork including Trompe L'oeil and Murals plus many Decorative Finishes. We can perform our work from anywhere such as commercial, home, office or corporate. Please click onto the links to reveal the creations and illusions by the placement of colour to fool the eye.

Enjoy the work as much as I did doing it!

We all dream of being something when we grow up. In the first stages of my life at school I soon realized that I had an ability to draw, sketch and generally anything that involved art.

After completing school, I soon found myself interested in Sign writing which I pursued and thoroughly enjoyed until the day of the stick on signs, which meant not much demand for hand sign writing.

From there I found myself painting and decorating on a sub-contractor basis for a few people that I had gotten to know throughout the years. I then finally got the opportunity to work with Clive Holden for nearly 10 years, which was a much appreciated time in the fact of the skills which I gained and the ability to understand for myself about colour, perspective and even being in tune with your work and being a part of the atmosphere you are painting.

I am now successfully running my own business for the last 2 and a half years, with it growing in the number of sub-contractors as the time goes on and also enabling me to teach the craft to others.

Both Murals (Two Dimensional) and Trompe L'oeil (Three Dimensional) are both fantastic ways to do something with unsightly walls, ceilings, floors or even the neighbour's fence extensions or just a way to create an illusion without altering structure. I have found in the past that I have had a lot of businesses use my business to enhance their own, some of the examples below.

Like this Trompe L'oeil 30ft x 11ft scene of Roman columns and curtains for Curtain Shop at Gawler.

Or even this Trompe L'oeil I did for a Lawn Bowls Shop. It was an industrial looking hallway at first, but after some thought about the job and what the Clients were requiring I came up with this. Overall the whole mural is 30 metres in length by 2.8 high.

Also Popular Night Clubs Venues like some of these shots of murals to set a feel about a venue before you even know what it is like.

Here are some examples of decorative finishes in a popular nightclub, using paint that reacts with UV lighting and glow with extreme iridescence.

Enjoy some of our other pieces of Artwork as you tour my Website!

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